366 days

It’s been a year + one day since she died.

366 days of missing her. 366 times I caught myself wondering where she is or what she’s doing. Being dead shouldn’t be one of them.

In my mind, she’s somewhere else. Like she forgot to call or text. Gone. But never far. It just seems weird that she doesn’t call or visit anymore.

It hurts. There are so many things I wish I could’ve said or done differently. There are so many things I wanted her to do with me.

Because of her, my family is closer. We love each other a little more and hug each other a little tighter.

So many people showed me love and kindness on a day they knew would be difficult for me. I’m so lucky to share my life with such awesome, caring people.

I loved hearing the stories and other people’s memories of her. The ones that I’d tucked in the back of my mind.

We went to Logboat last night to celebrate her life. My favorite memory of her drinking was back in 2011. We were at our family camping trip, on the river floating.

We both took shots of raspberry vodka. I had a chaser. She did not. She took that shot like a champion.

Cheers to you, Momma. To a life well lived. I’m forever missing you. I love you always.

One thought on “366 days

  1. Beautiful words for a beautiful Mom. We all miss her too. Jenn your Mom was a delight to know and I loved our talks about growing old together ❤, She was going to take care of me and I her, but now she is in heaven and I selfishly wish she was not! I know she is always watching over all of us, in particular,all of her children and her husband. Remember her always and she will see you thru the good times and not so good times because she will always be in your heart ❤❤❤ love you pretty girl! Aunt Jill

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